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About Us

ZOHO LIMITED was found in 2005.


◆ We are a customer-oriented professional  company that establishes all-aspect strategic business cooperation for customers.

Our Business

◆ Supplier acquisition, product development, production tracking, quality inspection, transportation, import and export business.
◆ Characterized by the timeliness, extensiveness and no regional restrictions of China’s industry, we take the professional product knowledge and the sincere and responsible service attitude to make the most of the resource integration advantages of suppliers of China’s high-quality products department to provide customers with cost-effective products.

Main products

◆ Tricycle / General Gasoline Engine/ Generator /Pump/ Electromotor/ Cultivator/Engine / Engine parts

Our culture

◆ Professional, Innovative and close to the market demand is the core connotation of ABC.

◆ Efficient, Deep and Win-Win is the service concept of ABC.

Our vision

◆ In today’s global economic integration, ABC will continuously launch new export products.

At the same time, we should actively expand the import business, so that high-quality products from all over the world can be found in China.

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