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Different Types of Tillers and role in agriculture

Different Types of Tillers and role in agriculture

electric mini tiller

Your first decision when selecting out a tiller is which tiller type to go. You have some options to consider based on the power level you want and the kind of work you will be doing. Nowadays, an electric mini tiller is ruling the industry as it is lightweight and easy to use.

Electric Tiller

Many people opt for cultivators as tillers, but they are a different category from the hardier garden tillers available. Cultivators are comparatively lightweight and affordable tools that are good for stirring the soil, also known as an electric mini tiller. Cultivators are easier to use than heavy tillers, as they are both lightweight and available in electric models, wanting less maintenance. If your gardening wants are not too extensive, they’re an affordable option for simplifying the amount of work you have to do.

Garden Tillers

Garden tillers are larger machines that bring sufficient power to break ground and be useful for soil stirring and plowing. These tillers are gas-powered and come in a wide range of sizes, power levels, and charges.

Front-tine Tillers

With front-tine tillers, there are two tines under the engine in front of the wheels. They are comparatively more powerful than an electric mini tiller but less potent than other garden tillers. The design makes them easy to maneuver so that they can be beneficial in gardens with narrow rows.

Rear-tine Tillers

Rear-tine tillers are the more powerful tiller option. If you want to break the surface on a new garden, especially tough soil, this is the tiller that makes the job manageable. These rear-tine tillers have large wheels with tines located at the back of the machine. They offer a couple of different choices for the direction the tines can rotate. Some tillers are forward rotating, some counter-rotating and some offer both.

What is the role of Tiller in Agriculture?

A Power-generated Tiller, a two-wheeled agricultural device fitted with rotary tillers, gives a smooth resistance to all farm activities. It has multiple uses & advantages. Power electric mini tiller helps prepare the sowing plant soil, plant seeds, spraying the fertilizers, herbicides & water. In addition to it also helps in harvesting, pumping water, threshing, and transporting crops. A power Tiller is perfect where the land side is small. In hilly regions, where terrace farming is possible only, farmers must find good quality Power Tillers extremely useful. Thus in difficult terrain also it is a wise choice.

It is a farm machine that is mostly used to cultivate the land. Power electric mini tiller works well as it can reverse and cut soil instantaneously. When it comes to maintenance, it is cheaper and economical to use. Moreover, it requires less space.

Types Of Agriculture Tiller

Based on the type of work the Power Tillers carry out, they separated into three categories÷

  • Mini Tillers: it is the best suited for gardeners with limited strength.
  • Mid Sized Front line tillers: it uses for home gardens and enough tilling work with great ease.
  • Large Sized Rear time Tillers: it is a heavy tiller that is useful for large areas to fill.
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