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What Is The Emergency Generator? Why One Should Buy

What Is The Emergency Generator? Why One Should Buy

The emergency generator is the backup power supply that offers electricity to your home in the incident of a utility outage. There are two prime types: a gasoline powered standby generator, which has a trigger that’s automatically converted on in the event the main power supply goes out. Another is a portable generator, which also supplies emergency power, but you can operate it manually.

Either standby or portable, an emergency generator is an assurance policy of sorts against the power outage effects. An independent electrical system entirely off the grid that powers your space and community, with the degree of power obtainable ranging from just keeping the lights on to powering your home at full force, depending on what kind and size of unit you purchase.

Generally, you can install standby generators are permanently and professionally and can house outdoors like many other utility hookups. You can hook up the generator to a home’s main utility panel and wire it into the existing electrical system—therefore, professional installation requirements. As you can power standby generators’ electricity themselves (for apparent reasons), they run on propane, gasoline, or natural gas, dependent on your setup. On the other side, portable generators run on gasoline, and you cannot install them professionally.

Do you not want an emergency generator that works on fuel? Consider a handy power station, a portable generator that works via a rechargeable battery, or a comprised solar panel. They are typically more costly than regular portable generators. They cannot run for as long or deliver as much power, but you will not have to concern about storing gasoline.

For some safety reasons, all generators (except for portable power stations) can run outdoors. You can install standby generators outside, so you will not have to worry about the consideration. However, you will have to ensure to have a selected outdoor spot for running the portable generator if the instance arises. Because portable generators exhale carbon monoxide when in use, it is hazardous to breathe in during usage. You can store the portable generator inside your home; you may have to move it outside when you need to operate it.

How Much Does The Emergency Generator Cost?

Analogous to air conditioners, emergency generators come in various sizes and different wattages dependent on the desires of your home. Charges vary slightly between the other dimensions and between the portable generator and gasoline powered standby generator.

Standby Generators

A reserve unit and professional installation, expect to spend $2,500 to $4,500 for a small generator and $4,000 to $10,000 for a mid-sized generator. about $9,000 to $15,000 for a large generator. Costs can vary as well depending on either you go with propane or natural gasoline power supply. Remember that if you select a gasoline-powered emergency generator, you will have to keep a supply of gas on hand—around 15 gallons to run a 7,500-watt generator at half-power for the whole day.


  • Generated automatically on the occasion of a power outage
  • It can power your entire home
  • It can increase your home resale value


  • Costs for component and installation can run high
  • It wants regular maintenance, including permitting the generator to run for around 15 minutes a week
  • Take up lots of space outdoors
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