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Motorcycle Engine

Buy New and Used Motorcycle Engine Parts Online!

Zohoaoe, one of the leading Engine parts suppliers, offers a wide range of energy engine for motor cycles. Economic, Budget-friendly, environmental resolution with high-end performance and cent percent fuel efficiency. A highly recognized product, satisfying multiple clients internationally and domestically.  These engines are essential to lessen the pollution effects responsible for global warming and intoxication. Since technologically, our motorcycle engine is multiple times efficient, parts used in it are incredibly durable.

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As an Engine parts supplier, we deliver our client’s various proposals and many significant custom-made cycle engines. However, customers are welcome to demand bespoke machines.

Further, apparatuses of engines separately as a custom product delivered according to the customer’s requirement. Each feature and specification can get custom modified accordingly.

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The maintenance of the motorcycle engine is important

The proper maintenance of the motorcycle engine is crucial for your motorcycle life. Keeping the record of all the care and spare parts supplier recommendations keep you from predicting when work was done to your motorcycle. When you maintain your motorcycle engine, you save a lot of money and also your life. Either it is a new energy engine or an old one, maintenance is essential.

Tips for the engine maintenance

  • The leading manufacturers recommend that you change the engine oil every six months or 3000 miles. According to the piston manufacturer, the function of engine oil is to work as a lubricant. It reduces engine noise, keeps other engine parts cool, and act as a seal for pistons. It gives you a smooth and safe ride. We provide good-consistency engine oil; otherwise, the thick oil will not go through the close-fitting moving engine’s component. Moreover, the thin oil cannot separate the engine parts.
  • You have to change the motorcycle fluids when it is under warranty. Moreover, the motorcycle engine operation depends on the type of fuel you put in it. Piston manufacturer and engine supplier recommend users use higher-grade engine fuel.
  • Another important thing is the air filter. It keeps the debris or dirt out of your motorcycle engine. If it is dirty or clogged, the performance of the bike engine will suffer. The leading Engine parts suppliers, we offer good-quality air filters that are easily accessible.


Q.1) How a Motorcycle Engine Works?

Motorcycle engines work just like a car engine does. It also consists of pistons, a cylinder block, and ahead containing valve train. The pistons move up and down inside the cylinder block, driven by blasts of a fuel-air blend that has been lighted by a flash.

The opening and closing of the valve enable the fuel-air mixture to enter the combustion chamber. Then, as pistons move up and down, this results in turning crankshaft which transforms energy from pistons into rotary motion. Whereas, the rotational force of the crankshaft is transmitted, via transferring the rear wheel of a motorcycle.

Q.2) What are the different types of motorcycle engines?

The different types of motorcycle cylinder include;

Inline-triple – This motorcycle engine uses three similar pistons stored within the same cylinder block. This engine provides a kind of middle ground between a V-twin & an inline-four engine

Flat-twin – A flat-twin’s engine is the same as a 360-degree parallel twin. Nevertheless, in this case, the pistons move away from each other instead of moving in sync. The engine type is quite expansive, hard to fix and maintain

Flat-four & Flat-six – These motorcycle engines are somehow equally constructed as a boxer engine, though with extra cylinders. These motors are a ton smoother than inline-three or inline-four motors and keep up the ideal force conveyance rate

Q.3) What kind of engine does a motorcycle have?

The majority of motorcycles have gasoline internal combustion engines. We can also say that this vehicle uses both stroke and four-stroke engines; however, the two-stroke engines are quite less in use due to strict emission laws.

On other hand, few motorcycles have Wankel rotary engines, despite the fact that no Wankel bikes have been active in production so far.

Q.4) How much is a new motorcycle engine?

It depends from which retailer, supplier, or even online source you buy. It usually costs around $3,000-7,000. The price of an engine depends on other factors as well like engine components – used or replaced parts, and engine rebuild, etc.

If you buy from Zohoaeo.com, then you can get a top-quality motorcycle engine at an amazing lowest price, with a long-year warranty.

Q.5) Can you put a motorcycle engine in a car?

Yes, a motorcycle engine can be used in a car it has been already done before. Yet, bike engines aren’t supposed to push cars, as they’re constructed to move bikes only. Henceforth, if you put a bike engine in a car, you’ll receive nothing in return except if you fire up the off it every second, and that takes a lovely gifted driver to do

The best model, however it wasn’t a cruiser motor, is the 3 chamber Chevy/Geo metro which had a 1 liter 3-chamber base motor. Be that as it may, the motor was tuned more for relative force than HP.

Q.6) Why are motorcycle engines so powerful?

The motorcycle engines are highly powerful because of their short strokes. It allows higher RPM as the piston has a shorter distance to pass, this means shorter cycle time and a higher number of RPMs.

Another reason is due to lightweight bikes, and rider which takes very less amount of torque to move in a certain direction. To get an engine with high power and low torque, you’ll need to use an “overs square” engine – the one with a wide bore and short stroke.

Q.7) How to Identify Motorcycle Engine Types, Configurations?

The easiest way to identify what type of engine your motorcycle has is to look at the exhaust header. The number of pipes expanded from an engine indicates the number of cylinders it has. If two pipes are feeding into the exhaust, then it’s possibly a two-cylinder. The main configuration and features of identifying the right motorcycle engine include;

Singles – Single-cylinder motors are usually found in dirt bikes, dual-sports, as well as scooters, and other small-displacement budget models. Also, plus some entry-level sports bikes like Honda’s CBR 300R

Parallel-Twins – The parallel twins are commonly associated with classic Brit bikes from Marques, such as; Triumph & BSA, parallel twins are a popular engine type for both modern and antique motorcycles

V-Twins –Another highly popular motorcycle engine outline in North America, the V-Twin is usually found in cruiser models

Q.8) What is the Best Motorcycle Engine Size to start on?

The best, and accurate size to start for beginner riders is 600 cc engine size. A 600 cc cruiser may have a large portion of the strength of a 600 cc game bicycle, so it will be reliant on the rider to discover where they are OK with the sort of bike they are keen on.

Q.9) What’s the Lifespan of a Motorcycle Engine?

The durability or long-lasting of any vehicle engine depends on how well you maintain it and use it. But generally, for sports bikes, the lifespan of a motorcycle engine around 25,000 miles is more than enough. On other hand, if the motorcycle engine good maintenance records, without any prominent sign of damage or oil leakage; then it can easily go around 40,000 to 50,000 miles as a perfect lifespan. In any case, whenever dealt with and not manhandled they can last above and beyond 100,000 miles.

Q.10) What is the difference between a Motorcycle engine and an automotive engine?

The motorcycle engine has a lower tune state with more torque, and it has longer service intervals as well.The motorcycle engines are heavier with less exotic parts. Whereas, a car engine usually goes for at least 100k miles without trouble if maintained well.One would be lucky enough for a highly tuned bike engine to hit that.

Besides, motorcycle engines are known to have smaller sump unlike automotive engines, that’s why their oil volume is smaller. Bikes run at higher RPM than vehicle motors (now and again twofold) and higher working temperatures.

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